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Garage Door Keypad

Remote garage door openers are great but there were times I need access to the garage and did not have the remote with me. I therefore designed a simple keypad with 4 digit access codes to allow myself, my family and friends to gain quick access to the garage when a remote is not at hand.




The hardware consists of a 4x4 keypad, a 5V pro mini Arduino, a small custom PCB and a few external electronic parts to complete the design.

The software is in an Arduino sketch. You will need to  the Arduino IDE if you do not have it.

There is also Eagle PCB files for the main board, the Arduino code, a parts list, a user manual and some construction tips. All these files are located on my GitHub file location here. Click the 'Download Zip' button in the lower right corner.
If you have any questions or comments you can email me.
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Keypad (KP-23)

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Arduino Pro Mini on custom board
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